This is a basic list of terms, english and japanses, that often appears in the Yaoi Doujin world.

Yaoi – It is a term describing [a publishing genre which originated in Japan ] of homosexual love between male characters and is sexually explicit.” (Wikipedia.)
Other terms of this genre are: boy’s love, BL, shounenai, tanbi, etc. see Wikipedia.

Seme– Means attack, refers to the person who tops.

Uke – Means receive, refers to the person who bottoms.

Pairing– usually in the order of seme x uke . Describes the couple in a relationship or is going to be paired up with.

CP – Refers to coupling or pairing.

Doujinshi – Parady of published manga, anime, story, people, game, etc. Can be in the form of manga or novel. Some popular topics include Full metal Alchemist, Gundom series, Fianl Fantasy series, Devil May cry series, Lamento, Prince of Tennis, Naruto, Harry Potter, Lord of the Ring, Japanese celebrities (Ka-tun, Kinki Kids, Smap, etc) , Gintama, Death Note, etc. The contents of doujinshi can be yaoi or normal, with sexual contents or not, there’s no real regulations on this in Japan.

Circle– A group of artists/writers who publish doujinshi together under the same name.

side: I think the number of doujinshi or the number of circles for a topic can be an indicator for the popularity level of anime, game, manga, etc.

Comic Market (or comike) – An event in Japan that gathers circles together in a place to sell their work. It is the biggest doujinshi convention in Japan.

Super comic city – An event in Japan that gathers circles together in a place to sell their work. It is the second biggest a doujinshi convention.

Slash – This is a genre in fan fiction or fan art with male homosexual relationship between the male characters. See

Loli Japanese term for Lolita, which means young, pre-teen girls.

Shouta – Japanese term for little boy, usually pre-teenage.

Moe (pronounced Mo-e) – Japanese term originally means burn or ignite, but has been used to describe situation where one’s imagination or creativity is inspired or ignited.

Fujoshi – Japanese term for girls who reads yaoi/bl. The literal meaning is women who are rotten. It’s a term often used by yaoi fans to describe themselves.

H – From Japanese term Hentai, used to indicate explicit sex. In dialog, it usually means sex, or lewd.

Hentai– Japanese term meaning perverts.

3P– meaning a relationship with 3 persons involved.

NP – meaning a relationship with more than persons involved.

Otaku – Japanese term for people who are very obsessed with their own interests/hobbies. Generally there are 12 categories, including manga, anime, game, seiyu (Voice actors for anime), idol, figures, cosplay, H-game, maid, etc. Otaku are generally believed to be very knowledgeable of their area of interest.

More would be added later on.


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